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A: Yes, we do wine tours 7 days a week. Our M-F tours are discounted
A: After you ‘request a quote’ and a vehicle and trail have been selected, our luxury vehicle will pick up your group at the location of your choice. We arrange your itinerary with the wineries and any other activity you have scheduled so they are prepared to serve you when you arrive in your private stretch limousine, limo-bus or stretch SUV. You will visit 3 or 4 wineries of your choice and return you to the same pick-up location. Your time starts when we pick you up and ends at the last drop-off.
A: Please visit our ‘Public Tours‘ page for a description of the various tours available.
A: Usually 3 wineries with an average time of 1 hour at each winery. This also takes into account purchasing wine and time to use the restroom before heading to the next winery. Your driver will (try) keep you on schedule.
A: You may choose the wineries or we can assist by mapping out a trail for you, so as to keep the drive time minimal.
A: We would prefer you did not bring any alcohol as this is a wine tasting tour. Keep in mind, visiting 3 wineries, tasting 6-10 wines @ 1 ounces each, is equal to about a quart of wine. Drinking water between wineries is your best option to maximize your experience and enjoy the award winning wines of New Jersey.
A:  No, if you are booking our basic 5-hour wine tasting tour.
Yes, if you are booking our basic wine tasting tour and any other activity.
A: No, depending on the activity you add to the basic package, your tour could be 6, 7 or even 8 hours.
A: Overtime is an option as long as the vehicle is not reserved for another event immediately following your tour. It is best to schedule the extra time if you think you might need it.
A: Yes, you may be dropped at a restaurant or other residence as long as it is scheduled ahead of time.
A: It depends on the winery and what they are offering. Some wineries will charge 1/2 price, some will not charge and others will charge the full tasting fee.
A: Transportation and sales tax can be paid by credit card, everything else (gratuity, dinner, spa fees etc) are either cash or check. Checks must be received one week before reservation date.
A: There would be a 3% processing fee for everything but the transportation cost and NJ sales tax.
A: Yes, and we would be glad to make the reservations for you.
A: With our Private Tours, you rent the vehicle and we pick you up at the location of your choice. With a PGT you purchase a seat and the pick-up locations are at local hotels.