Wine: Good For The Mind, Body and Soul

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Enjoying a glass of wine is one of the most fabulous and popular activities of our era! From wine & cheese pairings, delicious chef’s menus, vineyard tours and tasting parties, it’s easy to understand why we all love the grape drink so much. On top of it all, there may really be medical benefits to [...]

Spending A Weekend in South Jersey

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A weekend getaway is as close as a trip to South Jersey! Nestled between Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore, a few days spent in this quaint town will transport you to wine country. Whether you’re planning an add-on trip to a nearby destination or a weekend getaway with the girls, South Jersey is your prime [...]

Wine & Cheese Pairing 101

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Wine and cheese are two of life’s great indulgences; finding the perfect pairing can be a delicious task. When following a few simple rules, a well-paired cheese will enhance your overall wine experience. Taste a variety of pairings no matter where you are in the world by throwing a wine and cheese party! To start, [...]

The Basics of Wine Tasting

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There’s nothing more relaxing than an elegant glass of wine with friends and family.... or even by yourself. Learning to appreciate the various nuances of this forever-loved drink can be challenging! Keep it fun, casual and easy with these simple wine tasting tips. The Prep Work 1. Order matters! If you plan to taste several [...]